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Neutral Chairing

02 March 2017

Businesses, charities, boards, committees and senior management teams are frequently faced with situations where they would benefit from the involvement of an independent and impartial third party to facilitate progress.

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Successful Businesses resolve Disputes The Better Way

01 February 2017

This week I’ve been working on an article on mediation for NI Business Magazine, Business First (the article will follow in the next few weeks) and I’ve also been working with some businesses in Belfast, facilitating and mediating with directors and senior management teams.

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The Better Way to avoid Employment Tribunals

19 January 2017

The dangers of failing to deal with conflict in the workplace in a proactive and constructive way were highlighted this week in the Irish News report of a massive increase of almost 30% in the number of cases taken to the Employment Tribunal in Northern Ireland.

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Mediation – the ‘no-brainer’ for SME’s

22 October 2016

As SME’s throughout the UK continue to recover from the recession but are faced with the implications of Brexit, another major threat to their economic viability, thought has to be given to how they manage dispute resolution.

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