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"We engaged Dorcas to help us with a long running dispute with one of our clients due to the fact that she is a highly respected CEDR trained and qualified mediator. Dorcas brought great energy and personal warmth to the process. Her efforts to achieve a resolution were quite heroic – she saw possibilities where we only saw hopelessness. After undertaking a number of pre mediation meetings and a full day of mediation, the parties were able to finalise an agreement a short time later".

"Dorcas was the mediator in a case which was listed for 5 days in the High Court and the Judge had directed the parties to consider mediation. This was a long running, high-profile case which would have attracted unwanted publicity. Dorcas spent some time before the mediation speaking to both parties by telephone so that she knew the issues and on the day of the mediation we were able to get straight down to business.

Dorcas quickly established a rapport with us and I was particularly struck by her continual and beneficial eye contact with the client. The client felt confident in the good faith of the mediator throughout

The thorny issues were discussed by the mediator in terms which encouraged agreement and in a positive and purposeful way

After two days the case was fully resolved, saving thousands of pounds in costs as well as 5 days of court time. The result was also confidential which was an important factor for the client".

"We appointed Dorcas to mediate a case which involved a dispute over the lease of hotel premises and a claim for forfeiture. the amount claimed was £85,000 and the case was listed in the Commercial Court for 3 days so the potential costs were higher than the value of the case. There were strong feelings on both sides which were difficult to overcome but the mediator was sensitive to the parties, their needs and their position.  Dorcas’s patience and persistence were considerable but most of all the spirit of the mediator led to an environment where agreement was not just possible but desirable. 

The case resolved in half a day to the satisfaction of both parties".

"Dorcas was appointed as our mediator in a high value tax dispute between ourselves (HMRC) and an individual tax-payer – the first mediation of its kind in Northern Ireland. She is a natural mediator, very at ease with people and at making people feel they can trust her. I was very impressed with her during the pre-meetings, in the way she grasped the technicalities and the details of the HMRC case, and during the mediation day itself. One of the HMRC team was extremely cynical about mediation yet was a convert at the end of the day. We didn’t reach settlement on the day but Dorcas continued to liaise with the parties and it resolved several days later".

"Dorcas was the mediator in a high value professional negligence claim against a solicitor in a conveyancing matter involving a private client and the Professional Indemnity Insurers. The case involved technical legal issues but there were also highly charged feelings and emotions with an elderly client who felt personally aggrieved.  Dorcas mediated the case with a lively, energetic and engaging style that helped motivate parties throughout. She was well organised and reassuring to those unfamiliar with the situation.  Although settlement was not possible at the mediation, it helped narrow the issues and enabled us to make some constructive progress".