"The difference after our mediation was unbelievable. To have the ability to bring two people to understand the frustrations that each have with one another without argument was remarkable."

"very inventive and resourceful"

"relaxed and informal approach, which helps barriers come down."

“Dorcas was able to achieve what our company couldn’t achieve in a year - bringing two people to a point where they could have a civil discussion - a few session and it seemed like a tide that was immovable had finally turned."

‘Her efforts to achieve a resolution were quite heroic. She saw possibilities where we only saw hopelessness’

“Great energy and personal warmth”

“A lively, energetic and engaging style helped motivate parties throughout”

“sensitive to parties, their needs and position"

“Ms Crawford was well organised and reassuring to those unfamiliar with the situation”.

“I was particularly struck by her continual and beneficial eye contact with the Client. The Client felt confident in the good faith of the mediator throughout”.

“The thorny issues were discussed by the mediator in terms which encouraged agreement and in a positive and purposeful way.

“The mediator's patience and persistence were considerable but most of all the spirit of the mediator led to an environment where agreement was not just possible but  desirable for the parties”.

"Dorcas is a natural mediator, very at ease with people and at making people feel they can trust her. I was very impressed with her during the pre-meetings, in the way she grasped the technicalities and the details of the HMRC case, and during the mediation day itself. One of the HMRC team was extremely cynical about mediation yet was a convert at the end of the day"

"I was apprehensive about the process of mediation, because I wasn’t convinced it would achieve anything. I was very wrong. In one session, Dorcas was able to achieve what our company couldn’t achieve in a year - bring two people to a point where they could have a civil discussion. A few sessions later, and it seemed like a tide that was immovable had finally turned and I credit 100% of this to Dorcas. I will be forever grateful for her courtesy, kindness and professionalism. I honestly believe she could help to resolve any situation, no matter how ill the feeling. She has had an immeasurable impact not only on my business, but on my life because she’s helped to resolve a situation that had been causing a lot of pain for a long time."

"We employed ’the better way’ mediation services to resolve a commercial dispute where communications between the Directors had broken down and the business was suffering as a result. Although the nature of the situation was difficult, Dorcas’ warm and approachable nature made the process more manageable and a lot of thorny issues were addressed from the first joint session. The efficient nature of the process kept the costs to a minimum and we were able to resolve issues and move forward with a mutually beneficial solution."

"Dorcas’s manner is friendly, professional and non-intrusive, ensuring the process is relaxed whilst tackling the issues head on."

"Dorcas was extremely professional in her approach and helped me to come through a very difficult time in a relationship with a member of my staff. She challenged you, where appropriate, and got you to think about the effects of your actions and how these could be perceived. It was a very emotional journey at times and I was very sceptical of the whole process but with now being at the other side of this and having broken down those issues and ‘put them to bed’ I now see the value of the process and how it can help break down the barriers."