The Benefits of Neutral Chairing

The Benefits of Neutral Chairing

At a recent business event in Belfast I found myself chatting to several directors and Chairs and discussing the benefits of being able to sit back at a board or senior management team meeting and watch what was going on, or to actually be able to engage more fully in the discussions without the pressures of having to chair the meeting. The discussion highlighted how much chairs felt they would benefit from this and I mentioned the better way Neutral Charing service. There was significant interest, if not some palpable relief that this service was available and could provide the usual chair with the opportunity to step aside, perhaps for just one meeting, and to engage with other board members in an important debate. Below are the details of the service:

Businesses, charities, boards, committees and senior management teams are frequently faced with situations where they would benefit from the involvement of an independent and impartial third party to facilitate progress. Whether it’s because of stalemate in reaching a consensus or simply because the appointed Chair needs to play an active role in the debate, a neutral chair is invaluable in enabling discussions, problem-solving, building relationships within the team and managing difficulties or conflict.

Using essential mediation skills a neutral chair will reduce the risk of conflict becoming destructive and can provide a moderating influence where factional positions have developed. the better way service offers a means of facilitating communication in a wide range of circumstances that require both a sensitive and a pragmatic approach.

We offer a tailored service, focused on the specific needs of the organisation or team, but typically the work includes some of the following:

  • Managing a discussion and asking probing questions that will help determine the issues;
  • Assisting members of a board or committee to agree a way forward where there are strongly differing views;
  • Facilitating a means of reaching a decision using methods that allow voices to be heard and consensus to be achieved;
  • Enabling future-focused discussion;
  • Facilitating strategic planning

Models may vary but the aim and the value of the neutral chair is always to help those involved to find a solution.

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