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Choosing the right mediator

An increase in the use of mediation to resolve commercial disputes and the constantly growing market mean that there are more mediators than ever available. In the recent (7th ) mediation audit of the UK market by CEDR (the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution) it was reported that over 10,000.00 mediations take place annually in England and Wales.

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What mediation is not....

At our recent seminar for lawyers ('Representing your Client Effectively in Mediation), a discussion arose between the participants on recent mediations they'd been involved in where the mediator had, in effect, simply brokered a deal between counsel for both sides. Accounts were exchanged indicating that this was a common practice and lawyers and clients were left wondering why they incurred the additional costs of a mediator when the likelihood was that the same deal would have been reached in the traditional 'joint consultation' in the Great Hall of the High Court in Belfast.

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