Neutral Chairing

 Neutral Chairing

Whether it’s because of stalemate in reaching a consensus or simply because the appointed Chair needs to play an active role in the debate, a neutral chair is invaluable in enabling discussions, problem-solving, building relationships within the team and managing difficulties or conflict.

Using essential mediation skills a neutral chair will reduce the risk of conflict becoming destructive and can provide a moderating influence where factional positions have developed. the better way service offers a means of facilitating communication in a wide range of circumstances that require both a sensitive and a pragmatic approach.

We offer a tailored service, focussed on the specific needs of the organisation or team, but typically the work includes some of the following:

  • Assisting members of a board or committee to agree a way forward where there are strongly differing views;
  • Facilitating a means of reaching a decision using methods that allow voices to be heard and consensus to be achieved;
  • Enabling future-focussed discussion;
  • Facilitating strategic planning

Models may vary but the aim and the value of the neutral chair is always to help those involved to find a solution.

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