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Attend the Better Way symposium on managing error in healthcare

Attend the Better Way symposium on managing error in healthcare

About the Event

A Symposium to consider the impact of the current fault-based system and alternatives such as mediation and a just culture

When errors occur in healthcare at any level the current system focusses on allocating blame and finding fault. This approach has a negative impact on the patient, the medical professionals and the entire healthcare system in both financial and human cost. How can the professionals involved in healthcare error approach it from a different perspective? What do alternatives such a mediation and the just culture approach used in aviation have to offer?

What you will learn from this event

Expert speakers will discuss their experience of the alternative approaches to error and how those can be applied to healthcare.

A specialist panel will, with the engagement of the audience, discuss the steps that need to be taken to change the current approach.


- Richard Pengelly (Permanent Secretary of Department of Health)

- Sir Declan Morgan (Lord Chief Justice)

- Senior representatives of the GMC and NI Health and Social Care Trusts

Moderated by William Crawley (BBC journalist and broadcaster)

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