‘87.5 % of employees satisfied with the outcome of a mediation’

‘87.5 % of employees satisfied with the outcome of a mediation’

The much better news is that companies are beginning to address the problem by considering more constructive ways of dealing with conflict. Rather than allowing it to spiral out of control or to escalate to the level of litigation and an employment tribunal more and more employers are turning to mediation to tackle disputes.

And with very good reason – the success rate for those who take part in a mediation are quite incredible. In a recent article in online publication Businessandleadership.com Margaret Boucher of Erwin Boucher Professional Solutions wrote about research she carried out in 2013 (supported by Queens University). She reported her findings that 87.5% of parties who engaged with an external mediator to resolve workplace conflict reached a mediated agreement and were highly satisfied with the outcome.

Add to this the fact that mediation focusses on the future and addresses with the parties involved how they can move on and make life better and it’s difficult to see why mediation is not the first port of call for all employers. At the better way we work with employees and employers to take a proactive approach to prevent disputes and to provide mediation services when conflict arises.

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