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Why Mediation is The Better Way

Why Mediation is The Better Way

Last week I posted about why I called this service the better way - one of the key features being the opportunities that mediation offers that aren't available in other processes. Read more here:https://www.linkedin.com/posts/dorcascrawford_solutions-conflict-workplacemediation-activity-6753312330664284160-eIvd

In a recent mediation I conducted between very senior members of an organisation it was clear that, while compensation was an important factor (which is not always the case), there was so much more that needed to be addressed. When a person has been involved in conflict and wants to, or has to, continue in their post the position is very different from when they are leaving and moving on. It means that the future has to be considered and the repair of relationships if there is to be meaningful resolution. This is generally not something that can be done in the context of an Employment Tribunal or even in internal Disciplinary processes - those kind of proceedings address the past and focus more on who is to blame and how to compensate. The solutions are binary.
Mediation, however, engages those involved in discussions about how they can work together in the future, what needs to change and how those changes can be brought about. To be effective, there needs to be an open environment created for people to get to the real root of the problem and ensure it does not happen again.

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