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Video introduction to Workplace mediation

Welcome to a brand new short video series for 2018: "Workplace Mediation with Dorcas Crawford" - A discussion about mediation in the workplace and how it could help resolve workplace disputes and rebuild working relationships. the better way has collaborated with Legal Island (https://www.legal-island.com/) to provide this series featuring an open discussion on various aspects of workplace mediation, where Scott Alexander of Legal-Island interviews Dorcas Crawford about:

  • Why Workplace Mediation Works - what’s so different about mediation that makes it ideal for re-building broken workplace relationships?
  • The Neutral Mediator - what neutrality means and what it entails
  • The Parties' Role in Workplace Mediation - what the employer and employee must do to get the most out of mediation
  • How to Embed a Mediation Culture into Your Organisation - the positive benefits of encouraging people to resolve differences at the earliest opportunity

Watch the videos here